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The teacher programmes faced the challenge to update their Common Learning Outcomes Framework. Our expert searched for consensus with the programme representatives.

Searching for consensus

Every programme in Flemish higher education works with a common learning outcomes framework. This framework indicates what competences a student must have obtained when completing the learning process. Following the government mandated change of the basic competences required for teachers, the educational Bachelor's programmes were faced with the challenge of updating the framework. This is an intensive process, which had to be carried out across institutions and for both primary and secondary education. Our expert acted as the coordinator of this process and searched for consensus among the representatives of the various university colleges.

With efficient support from VLUHR QA during all steps we took, we quickly achieved a great result in which the three educational Bachelor's programmes came closer together and learned from each other. The feedback to the stakeholders involved was flawless and within the planned timing.

Hilde Meysman, Arteveldehogeschool

In order to finalise the common framework for the primary and secondary teacher training programmes, the partners were gathered by our expert and clear arrangements were made regarding the further process. From the start of the process, two main challenges the teacher training programmes were facing were taken into account. During the development of the frameworks, attention was paid to putting a greater emphasis on practice-oriented research and linking with social developments. Without losing sight of the individual character of the programmes, the learning outcomes of the different levels were compared. Searching and finding consensus with respect for all partners across institutions and across programmes, while at the same time taking into account the requirements set by both the Flemish and the European Qualifications Frameworks, is after all our core task.

The common learning outcomes framework of the teacher training programmes for primary and secondary education can be consulted in the qualifications database of the Flemish government. VLUHR QA has developed a manual (Dutch only) and offers support to institutions that wish to update the learning outcomes of their programme.

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