Our quality assurance

In order to guarantee the quality of VLUHR QA's activities, we rely on a well-defined governance structure, sound procedures, professional staff and the involvement of stakeholders.

Governance structure

The governance structure of VLUHR QA defines the various roles and responsibilities of all parties involved. The VLUHR Quality Assurance Board and the VLUHR QA Advisory Board play a crucial role in this. In addition, the Secretaries-General of VLUHR act as a liason between VLUHR QA and the umbrella organisations VLUHR, VLIR and VLHORA.

Sound procedures

VLUHR QA has sound procedures for the organisation of its activities. These procedures are well documented. These include various manuals, including an appeals and complaints procedure and a deontological code for panel members. For VLUHR QA staff members, the procedures are set out in a roadmap.

Professional staff

The professionalism of our staff is central to our pursuit of high-quality services. VLUHR QA is committed to the further development of its staff members' competences by means of an elaborate professionalisation policy. We monitor national and international evolutions and trends regarding quality assurance (policy) and regularly attend congresses, study days and networking events.

In order to further guarantee the quality of our operations, one of our staff members acts as a permanent contact person for a project. Another staff member is back up and follows up on the project. Our project leaders adhere to a code of ethics.

The VLUHR QA-team meets regularly to formally discuss the progress of the various projects, to evaluate their own functioning and to learn from each other. Given our small team, we also consult each other frequently in a more informal way.

Involvement of stakeholders

VLUHR QA frequently consults its stakeholders. For the evaluation of the programme reviews we work with an annual online survey. This can be supplemented by focus discussions with a representative of the institutions, programmes and/or panel members when the surveys show that some aspects of our functioning deserve further attention. For the other projects there is an ad hoc policy to close the quality cycle.

Our stakeholders - the universities, universities of applied sciences and arts and students, but also the international quality assurance community - are structurally involved in the operations of VLUHR QA. The VLUHR Quality Assurance Board consists of renowned quality assurance experts and the VLUHR QA Advisory Board includes representatives of VLIR, VLHORA and VVS. Both bodies pay close attention to the activities of VLUHR QA and its further professionalisation.