Here you will find the most important documents for carrying out a programma review.

* During a programme review organized by VLUHR QA, an independent panel of experts interviews the stakeholders of the programme. Normally, these interviews take place during an on campus visit. If a this is not possible due to COVID-19 measures taken by governments and/or institutions, the on campus visit can be replaced by an online visit, where the panel interviews the stakeholders of the programme to assess the programme. The combination of an on campus and online visit is also possible.

Manual European Approach

A uniform review of an international joint programme is no easy task. To provide an answer to this, the ministers of the European Higher Education Area have given their agreement to review these programme via the European Approach for Quality Assurance or Joint Programmes. On the basis of this framework VLUHR QA has drawn up a manual and accompanying annexes:

Manual programme review

With the start of the new quality assurance system in Flanders, VLUHR KZ developed a new manual for carrying out programme reviews. This manual describes, among other things, the review ground, the panel composition and the review process. This manual is designed for programme reviews of institutions without an institutional review, but can also be used by other providers. Here you will find the manual and its appendices: