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For VLUHR QA, quality assurance is more than just a certificate or a procedure. Together with your team, we look for solutions to strengthen your organisation's quality assurance processes. How do we do this? By listening to your demands and ambitions right from the start, setting clear and realistic goals and developing and implementing tailor-made instruments.

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Experience and expertise

We are a reliable and independent partner of the Flemish Higher Education Institutions for years in organising programme reviews, training panels and formulating learning outcomes. Our experience and expertise make the difference. The staff members of VLUHR QA are professionals, keeping in touch with recent evolutions and trends in quality assurance.

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Quality knows no boundaries. We work with the European Standards and Guidelines, the reference for quality assurance in higher education. VLUHR QA is strongly embedded in an international network and a member of ENQA and EQAR. With the European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes we are the right partner for your international projects.

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Featured cases

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Evolving QA policy at the Interactie-Academie

VLUHR QA is the sparring partner of the Interactie-Academie as they embed themselves in Flemish higher education.

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Ho Gent

Drawing up a balance for HOGENT

HOGENT counts on VLUHR QA as an independent organisation for the 'balance moment'.

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Panel member MATA program review

It is always interesting to discover how colleagues organize their programs and to try to find the best answers to the problems program managers encounter, especially during the co-creative session at the end of the site visit. As a member of a review panel, you always learn new things from the other panel members, from the lectors and students involved, and from the review approach itself. And there is of course the hope that the work through the program review helps your colleagues too.

Panel member MATA program review

Thematic Analysis 'Programme Reviews in Flanders (2020-2023)'

VLUHR QA has been using a new methodology for programme reviews since 2020. We made an analysis of the reviews conducted by VLUHR QA within the current quality assurance system, based on seven review reports published between May 2021 and May 2023.

Through the analysis, we sought to answer two broad research questions:

  1. How is the VLUHR QA Manual for Programme Review (2020) put into practice? What evidence do the review reports provide on the review principles underpinning the holistic final assessment?
  2. Are there any common elements discernible in the review reports? Are there certain good practices and/or areas of improvement that link the different programmes and institutions?

Based on this analysis, VLUHR QA aims not only to strengthen its internal quality assurance, but also to gain knowledge and deeper insight into the Flemish educational landscape within which it conducts its activities.

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Thematic Analysis Programme Reviews in Flanders 2020 2023 Voorblad