About us

Want to know more about VLUHR QA? We are an independent organization, with clear goals, extensive experience and internationally embedded. Discover VLUHR QA and our staff here.

Independent organisation

Our governance structure guarantees the independent functioning of VLUHR QA and allows its stakeholders to be systematically involved. The VLUHR Quality Assurance Board supervises the programme reviews. The stakeholders are represented in the VLUHR QA Advisory Board so that we, as a learning organisation, keep in touch with recent evolutions.


Clear goals

As an evaluation agency, VLUHR QA contributes to monitoring and improving the quality of education in Flanders. As a centre of expertise, we are responsible for stimulating, developing and implementing a quality culture and we want to serve all providers of education and training in order to strengthen their quality assurance processes.


Extensive experience

VLUHR QA has been carrying out programme reviews in Flemish higher education for almost 30 years and can therefore rely on a broad experience and rich history. Where the organisation originally focused on carrying out 'visitations', it has recently positioned itself as a respected partner for quality in education and training.


Internationally embedded

VLUHR QA is an internationally recognised quality assurance agency. We work according to the ESG, and are a member both of ENQA and EQAR. We are active in various European projects and maintain good contacts with our foreign sister organisations. We are embedded in an international network and actively contribute to the exchange of expertise on various forums.


Discover our team of experts

Patrick Van den Bosch
Head of VLUHR QA
Andreas Smets
Policy Advisor Quality Assurance
Nina Geenen
Policy Advisor Quality Assurance
Stefanie Van der Jeugt
Policy Advisor Quality Assurance
Lore Solemé
Staff Member Administration & Finances