Our mission and vision


VLUHR QA is a quality assurance agency that promotes quality assurance and quality enhancement in higher education, both as an evaluation agency and centre of expertise.


VLUHR QA attaches great importance to expertise, reliability and independence. The expertise of the organisation, its staff and the experts with whom it works, allows VLUHR QA to look at the quality of education and quality assurance processes with a fresh, critical and constructive view. VLUHR QA works in accordance with the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ESG) and is EQAR-registered.

VLUHR QA encourages quality enhancement by identifying areas for improvement and good practices. We encourage, develop and implement quality assurance processes. Our services are cutting-edge and innovative and respond to trends in quality assurance and challenges in education.

VLUHR QA works according to transparent procedures tailored to partners' needs. We seek solutions in co-creation that match the characteristics and expectations of our partners. We have an eye for customisation and flexibility, make clear agreements and ensure open communication. We trust the partner and adopt a constructive philosophy. We provide teachers with tools to strengthen the quality of education with the aim of increasing students’ learning gains.

VLUHR QA draws inspiration from its partners and connects them around the topic of quality assurance. We are a hub for expertise exchange and dialogue in the domain and take a facilitating role in learning from and with each other. Moreover, through our active participation in an extensive European network, we are at the source of knowledge and expertise on quality assurance. From this (international) experience, VLUHR QA participates in the public debate and ensures the broad and careful dissemination of valid information on quality assurance.

VLUHR QA is strongly committed to the professionalisation and competence development of its team. The team members of VLUHR QA assume different roles: expert, communicator, researcher, entrepreneur and team player.