Our mission and vision


VLUHR QA is an independent non-profit evaluation agency for quality assurance that contributes to monitoring and improving the quality of higher education.

It is a partner for stimulating, developing and implementing a quality culture in higher education and as a center of expertise it serves all providers of education and training to strengthen their quality assurance processes.


As a learning organisation, VLUHR QA wants to build a quality culture in higher education, together with its partners. Because of the independence and expertise of the organisation and of the experts it works with, VLUHR QA has a special status in relation to the higher education institutions. That status makes it possible to provide a fresh, critical and constructive view on education, with respect for the individuality of the institutions. VLUHR QA uses published manuals for its various reviews. The organisation is EQAR-registered and works in compliance with European Standards and Guidelines (ESG).

VLUHR QA joins forces with institutions and programmes to guarantee quality. Wherever appropriate, it points to problems that require improvement and to challenges that can be addressed, as well as to good practices that can serve as inspiration for others. Thus, VLUHR QA wants to convey the trust that society as a whole deserves regarding the quality of the institutions and programmes.

VLUHR QA wants to help shape a higher education landscape in which institutions and organisations communicate transparently, both internally, to promote their own functioning, and externally, to communicate the quality of education and training, with special attention to (potential) students.

Based on its experience and expertise, VLUHR QA participates in debates and ensures a broad and careful dissemination of valid information regarding quality assurance, learning and education and training.

VLUHR QA wants to be a critical mirror, a source and supporter of innovation and expertise sharing in the domain of quality assurance. For that purpose, the organisation is strongly committed to developing the competences of its staff members. The organisation entertains sustainable partnerships with solid partners. That way, VLUHR QA profiles itself as a valuable and reliable partner.

VLUHR QA stands for commitment, expertise, independence, transparency, fairness and improvement-oriented work.