Our governance structure

Our governance structure guarantees the independent functioning of VLUHR QA and allows its stakeholders to be systematically involved.

Organisation chart

VLUHR QA consists of a Board, which has the final operational responsibility of the organisation, and a team of policy advisors in charge of the day-to-day operations.

In addition, VLUHR QA has an Advisory Council, in which it consults and involves its stakeholders in its activities. VLUHR QA also gets a lot of valuable input from working with external panels, through informal contacts complemented by regular surveys.

Finally, there is a Appeals Committee for programme reviews, composed of external legal and education experts.

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Quality Assurance Board

The VLUHR Quality Assurance Board has the final operational responsibility for VLUHR QA. This includes supervising the proper conduct of programme reviews. In addition, members of the Board put their expertise to work for the team and represent VLUHR QA in various forums.

The Board is composed of five independent quality assurance experts. This composition guarantees the independence of VLUHR QA from the Flemish universities and universities of applied sciences (and arts).

  • Mia Sas - President - Former Director of the Odisee university of applied sciences, Belgium (Flemish Community)
  • Elfriede Heinen - Vice-President - Former Pedagogical Counsellor for the Federation of Catholic Higher Education Bruxelles, Belgium (French-speaking Community)
  • Henning Dettleff - Member - Member of the Executive Board on Education & Training of the Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung in Berlin, Germany
  • Ton Kallenberg - Member - Rector at the Jac. P. Thijsse College in Castricum, The Netherlands
  • Cis Van Den Bogaert - Member and Chair of the VLUHR QA Advisory Council - Honorary Head of the Education Department at the University of Antwerp, Belgium (Flemish Community)
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The team of VLUHR QA is responsible for the day-to-day operations. The team members have extensive experience and expertise in quality assurance (policy) at home and abroad. As experts, we focus on customisation and trust. In every collaboration, one of our staff members is appointed as project leader and designated point of contact.

We work with robust tools, such as manuals and an internal 'roadmap' for carrying out programme reviews. We are convinced that quality assurance makes the difference for us as well. As a learning organisation, VLUHR QA is committed to continuous professionalisation of its staff.

Advisory Council

As a centre of expertise, VLUHR QA keeps its finger on the pulse through involvement of and coordination with its stakeholders. The Advisory Council discusses various topics, such as the level of satisfaction regarding the programme reviews carried out, trends, current trends and evolutions in Flemish and European higher education and the daily operation of VLUHR QA. The Advisory Council consists of:

  • A quality assurance representative from the universities - Piet Verhesschen (KU Leuven)
  • A quality assurance representative from the universities of applied sciences and arts - Veronique Janssen (PXL)
  • An educational representative from the universities - Luc Van de Poele (UAntwerpen)
  • An educational representative from the universities of applied sciences and arts - Aaron Soens (Odisee)
  • A representative from the registered institutions - Bruno Broucker (ITG)
  • Two representatives from the Flemish Students Union (VVS) - Liesl De Pauw
  • A representative from the Flemish Government, Department of Education and Training - Liesbeth Hens
  • Two representatives from the professional field - Julie Beysens (VOKA)
  • A member of the VLUHR QA Board (as chairperson) - Cis Van Den Bogaert
  • A policy advisor from VLUHR QA - Patrick Van den Bosch

Appeals Committee

In the event that a programme receives the final assessment of 'unsatisfactory' in a programme review, it can appeal. To this end, we have an appeals committee. It is composed of:

  • A chairperson
  • Two assessors
  • A secretary

An alternate is provided for each member of the appeals committee.