Our governance structure

The VLUHR Quality Assurance Board has the final operational responsibility. The VLUHR QA Advisory Board has an advisory function. The VLUHR QA-team is responsible for the daily operations.

Quality Assurance Board

The VLUHR Quality Assurance Board has the final operational responsibility for VLUHR QA. This includes supervising the programme reviews. In addition, the members of the Board put their expertise to work for the team and represent VLUHR QA on various occasions.

The Board is composed of five quality assurance experts who have no ties with Flemish higher education. Because of this composition, the independence of VLUHR QA is guaranteed. The Board consists of:

  • Petter Aaslestad - President, Professor of Literature Science NTNU (Trondheim) and former President NOKUT and former President Forskerforbundet, Norway
  • Elfriede Heinen - Vice-President, Former Pedagogical Counsellor for the Federation of Catholic Higher Education Bruxelles, Belgium
  • Henning Dettleff - Member, Director Education & Training, Bundesverband für Wohnen und Stadtentwicklung Berlin, Germany
  • Mia Sas - Member, Former Director Odisee Hogeschool, Belgium
  • Cis Van Den Bogaert - Member, Honorary Head of Department Education Antwerp University, Belgium

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of VLUHR QA is composed of the Flemish Interuniversity Council (VLIR), the Flemish Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts Council (VLHORA) and the Flemish Student Association (VVS). In this way, VLUHR QA involves all its main stakeholders.

The Advisory Board discusses various topics, such as the level of satisfaction regarding the the programme reviews carried out and current trends and evolutions in Flemish and European higher education. The Advisory Board consists of:

  • Piet Verhesschen - VLIR
  • Vera Pletincx - VLHORA
  • Dylan Couck - VVS


The team of VLUHR QA is responsible for the daily operations. We are all experienced quality assurance professionals and have expertise in the field of quality assurance (policy) at home and abroad. As a team, we are committed to customisation and trust. In every partnership, one of our staff members acts as contact person, who is also the project leader.

We work with robust instruments, such as manuals and a 'roadmap' for carrying out the programme reviews. We are convinced that quality assurance also makes a difference for us. VLUHR QA remains committed to competence developing of its staff.