Drawing up a balance for HOGENT

HOGENT counts on VLUHR QA as an independent organisation for the 'balance moment'.


Our know how in the field of information gathering, a combination of desk research and in-depth interviews with stakeholders, facilitates the internal dialogue at HOGENT.

Facilitating dialogue

Our staff members aid HOGENT in a crucial phase of the quality cycle in their institution. A thorough external look at internal documents and figures leads to the write-up of state of affairs document about the programme. This desk research is supplemented with in-depth interviews with various stakeholders involved with the programme. In these interviews with programme managers, lecturers, supporting staff and students we depart from our principle of the 'appreciative approach'. The process eventually culminates in a status report, about which the programme and the management enter into dialogue during the balance moment.

The professional input of VLUHR KZ in the context of programme reviews in the form of balance moments has a noticeable effect on the continuous care for the quality of education. In one word: enriching.

Marc D'havé, Head of Quality Assurance, HOGENT

During the partnership we have with HOGENT we act as independent experts who not only bring a general knowledge of quality assurance but also a familiarity with the operations of the institution. This means that we can be flexibly deployed at crucial moments in the quality cycle of HOGENT and increase their capacity when they need it. Our partner determines the framework and planning for this project, but consciously leaves room for our approach in desk research and in-depth interviews.

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