Panel selection and training at Odisee

Odisee set up a structural partnership with VLUHR QA to support the quality assurance of its programmes.


Our expertise in selecting and training panels for external reflection strengthens Odisee's quality assurance system 'in eigen regie'.

Partner for external reflection

In choosing the path of the institutional review Odisee has to show how they safeguard the quality of their programmes. The external reflection within this system of quality assurance is carried out by an independent panel, trained by us. VLUHR QA selects a chairperson with a background in education and auditing, a professional peer and a representative of the professional field. The panel also counts among its ranks an educational expert from Odisee from another field of study in the institution and a student representative, nominated by the student council.

The members of the external reflection committees are very pleased with the support provided by VLUHR QA and the preparation they receive. They consider it essential for the proper execution of their quality assurance activities.

Review Panel NVAO

Before the panels start performing their tasks, our experts train them for a full day. The first part of the day deals with the fundamentals of quality assurance in Flanders and from an international perspective. All panel members are uniformly taught the most important and recent evolutions in the field of quality assurance. The second part of the day focuses specifically on the preparation of the external reflection at Odisee. We pay attention to working on the basis of results with an emphasis on the realisation of the educational vision, including innovation. Finally, we give the panel a training in communication, in particular regarding effective interview techniques to be used during the process.

Since the chairpersons participate in several external reflections, a separate training is provided for them. In this training, we emphasize the importance of consistency in evaluating the programmes. Furthermore, we focus on techniques to help guide the panel and ways they can report the findings of the panel. Every year we organise an additional follow-up day for all chairpersons, to allow them to reflect on the process and exchange good practices.

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