European Approach

Are you looking for a partner to review your international joint programme? VLUHR QA is an internationally recognised quality assurance agency that carries out programme reviews according to the European Approach for Quality Assurance of Joint Programmes. We translated this framework into a manual that can be used across the European Higher Education Area.

Uniform assessment of international joint programmes is a no easy feat. In response to this challenge, the ministers of the European Higher Education Area gave their agreement for the review of these programmes to be conducted through the European Approach system. Based on this framework, VLUHR QA has developed a manual that ensures the smooth execution of the review, detailing procedures, review criteria, objectives and expectations.

An independent and expert international panel provides its evaluation of the quality of your programme. The focus of the review is enhancement-led, accompanied by concrete recommendations. Throughout the review process, we pay close attention to the diversity and uniqueness of the partners involved, as well as the requirements of various accreditation organisations. VLUHR QA is not an accreditation organisation itself, allowing us to tailor the review process to your specific needs and requirements without compromising European standards. This flexibility also extends to the option of using the panel's review report for an accreditation application.

VLUHR QA developed a manual for organising programme reviews within the European Approach framework. This document, as well as its annexes, can be found under the 'Manual European Approach' segment on our documents webpage.

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