External evaluator

Are you looking for an external evaluator for your project? Our international experience and expertise make VLUHR QA the ideal partner.

VLUHR QA places strong emphasis on actively guiding and supporting the project coordinator throughout the entire process, always in function of achieving the project objectives. Moreover, we attach great importance to clear and thorough reporting.

We were already involved as external evaluators on several Erasmus+ projects:

  • Bologna Peer Support Group on Quality Assurance: Staff Mobility. The aim of this project is for staff members of quality assurance agencies and ministries from across Europe to learn from each other. The final report of this project can be consulted here.
  • Developing a European Approach for Comprehensive QA of (European) University Networks (EUniQ). The project aims to establish a quality assurance system for the evaluation of alliances of different universities, the so-called 'European universities'.
  • Mobility Widening Participation for students with a disability in Flanders and across Europe (EPFIME). This project aims to strengthen inclusive mobility so that students and teachers with disabilities have easy access to other institutions in Europe.
  • Micro-credentials linked to the Bologna Key Commitments (MICROBOL). The project investigates whether and how existing higher education tools can be used and/or should be adapted to apply to micro-credentials. The project focuses mainly on micro-credentials offered by higher education institutions or in collaboration with them.
  • Empowering Higher Education in Adopting Digital Learning (Powerhead). This project aims to develop guidelines for partner countries to develop a national policy for digital learning in higher education at two levels: guidelines for a national policy strategy for digital learning in higher education and guidelines with recommendations for higher education institutions.