Learning Outcomes

Do you want to validate the learning outcomes of a new programme or do you want to update the learning outcomes of an existing course? VLUHR QA offers support.

Learning results are the foundation of any eduaction or training. They indicate a student's insights, skills and attitudes upon completion of the learning process. In addition, learning outcomes are intended to inform society at large about the competences of the graduates.

According to the Flemish Decree on the qualification structure, all Flemish Bachelor's and Master's programmes must formulate a common learning outcomes framework, or CLOF. VLUHR QA coordinates this process. Central to this are: seeking consensus across institutions, getting input of stakeholders such as (former) students, employer representatives and international experts, and that the CLOF complies with the European Qualifications Framework. You can find the validated CLOFs in the Qualifications database of the Flemish government.

We offer your organisation support in validating a CLOF when setting up a new programme. We advise you in formulating learning outcomes specific for your eduaction or training offering. In doing so, we can set up an international benchmark or consult our network of experts.

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