Learning Outcomes

Do you want to update the learning outcomes of an existing programme or have the domain-specific learning outcomes of a new programme validated? VLUHR QA offers support.

Formulating learning outcomes

Learning outcomes are the foundation of any education or training. a student's insights, skills and attitudes upon completion of the learning process. In addition, learning outcomes are intended to inform society at large about the competences of the graduates.

VLUHR QA is a partner for programmes seeking support in formulating sustainable and qualitative learning outcomes. We offer advice in drafting new learning outcomes, updates, making the translation from programme-specific learning outcomes (OLR) to domain-specific learning outcomes (DLR) and vice versa. We involve various stakeholders to ensure a well-grounded set of learning outcomes. In addition, we tap into our network of experts to help set up an international benchmark.

Validation of domain-specific learning outcomes

According to the Flemish decree on the qualification structure, all Flemish bachelor's and master's programmes, as well as associate's degree programmes, must have domain-specific learning outcomes (DLR). These learning outcomes describe the common set of competences that all students are expected to acquire Flanders-wide within a given programme.

All domain-specific learning outcomes in Flanders are determined by VLUHR and validated by NVAO, after which they are published in the Qualifications database of the Flemish government.

VLUHR QA offers support throughout the validation procedure, both when setting up a new programme or when actualising a DLR as part of a curriculum redesign. The following elements are central in establishing domain-specific learning outcomes:

  1. seeking consensus across institutions,
  2. checking with stakeholders such as (former) students, professional representatives and international experts,
  3. checking conformity with the European Qualifications Framework.

VLUHR QA developed a manual that provides guidance on how to formulate domain-specific learning outcomes, as well as a more detailed explanation of the procedure to be followed and the forms to be used during the validation process.

The manual and forms for submitting a DLR dossier can be found under the 'Handleiding formuleren DLR' segment on this webpage. The documents are only available in Dutch.

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