Programme Review

Does your programme need accreditation or do you want to have the quality of your organisation's education and training recognised? VLUHR QA organises programme reviews for bachelor's and master's programmes, micro-credentials and (post)graduate courses, but also for corporate or post-initial training, in Flanders and abroad.

For years, VLUHR QA has been a reliable and independent partner for organising programme reviews. Customisation and trust are essential to us. That is why we tailor the review process to the needs and ambitions of your organisation. We always work with a single project supervisor. This approach guarantees short feedback loops and transparent communication. We also consult with all stakeholders during the review process to guarantee support.

For us, a programme review is always aimed at monitoring and improving the quality of your education. Our reviews take the form of peer reviews, where an independent and expert panel gives its opinion on the quality of the programme or training. VLUHR QA has an extensive network of (international) experts who can hold up a mirror to all actors involved.

A programme review follows a set pattern. First, information about the programme is made available. Then the panel is assembled, which is prepared by VLUHR QA for their assignment. The programme writes a concise self-evaluation which the panel members study in preparation for the visit. During the visit, the panel has open and constructive discussions with various stakeholders and provides a reasoned and considered judgement on the quality of the programme. This judgement, together with good practices and recommendations, is recorded in a report. This report allows you to set up targeted actions to embed the quality of your education.

Since VLUHR QA is an internationally recognised quality assurance agency, the panel's report can serve as a basis for an accreditation application. It can also be used as a function of your own quality assurance policy, independently of an accreditation. Finally, we also provide for the possibility of a follow-up, where (part of) the panel as a critical friend discusses developments with the programme since the visit.

VLUHR QA developed a manual for organising programme reviews. This document, as well as its annexes, can be found under the 'Manual programme review' segment on our documents webpage.

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