QA support

Would you like to further strengthen your organisation's quality assurance processes or are you looking for a 'critical friend' to help think about your organisation's policies? Our experience and expertise make VLUHR QA the ideal partner.

Institutional review

VLUHR QA offers support to higher education institutions that have to go through an institutional review. Our support can be situated within different phases or aspects of this process.

We can help you gather relevant information, prepare your staff for the site visit and/or organise focus groups with your internal and external stakeholders. We can organise a pilot audit, conducted by an independent and expert panel. Or we help set up actions that tie in with the results of your institutional review and contribute to your organisation's strategy development.

It goes without saying that we tailor our offer to your needs and wishes as much as possible, starting from the perspective of a critical friend and in line with accreditation requirements.

Programme reviews 'in eigen regie'

As a partner, VLUHR QA helps you develop, implement or evaluate your internal quality assurance system within the context of the 'eigen regie'. We take on certain tasks within your quality monitoring and quality improvement. Depending on your goals, we look for tailor-made solutions in co-creation.

For instance, we can advise you on optimising your QA system, or help you collect, process and analyse information on the quality of your education. This can be done through a document study, organising focus groups or in-depth interviews. We support you in selecting and training external panels to reduce your plan burden, or help you map the results of your system of self-direction, this to increase the clout of your organisation.

For instance, we can advise you on optimising your QA system or help you collect, process and analyse information about the quality of your education and training by means of a document study or in-depth interviews. We support you in selecting and training panels in order to reduce your planning burden, or help you to map the results of your QA system n order to increase the effectiveness of your organisation.

We act as secretary of a programme review. We have extensive experience and expertise in writing reports under the ESG that give you a clear and concise picture of the quality of your programmes, while respecting the individuality of your institution.

Education and QA policy

VLUHR QA likes to think with you about further strengthening your education and/or quality assurance policy. We pay attention to create support within your organisation and to the needs and wishes of your staff.

We can advise you in drawing up institution-wide policies, but also in designing a research plan or formulating an educational concept. We can support you in drafting a governance structure or a professionalisation policy. We organise surveys among your stakeholders, map your organisation's challenges, identify best practices or define KPIs together with you.

We support your organisation in redesigning your education, or advise you in preparing a macro-effectiveness dossier or an initial accreditation. Together, as partners, we define the modalities of the process.

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