Evolving QA policy at the Interactie-Academie

VLUHR QA is the sparring partner of the Interactie-Academie as they embed themselves in Flemish higher education.


Our knowledge of Flemish higher education makes us an ideal partner for developing the quality assurance policy of your organisation.

Sparring partner for management

In this project, VLUHR QA offers support to the Interactie-Academie to align their organisation with the rest of Flemish higher education. We have established an integral pathway in partnership with the institution, in which we take aim at the learning environment, the quality assurance framework and the further professionalisation of the organisation.

A powerful quality assurance policy is built by a team. In this project, we allow the team at the Interactie-Academie to determine both the scope as well as the pace. The process starts with a thorough introduction, both with management as well as staff. Our project coordinator starts up conversations, joins in on meetings and organises surveys. We help the institution in making quality assurance processes visible, through making internal regulations, policy texts and useful tools. During this process, we take time to take stock and gather feedback, to ensure we establish a policy that is both sustainable and supported by all involved.